Digital Design


Tool NameContentLink
Von Neumann Architecture SimulatorIt is the simulator tool of the von Neumann architecture.
IEEE-754 Binary to Decimal Conversion ToolIt is a tool that converts a given decimal number to IEEE-754 format.
Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal ConverterIt is a tool that converts a given number in decimal, binary and hexadecimal formats to other formats.
Circuit SimulatorA Javascript-based circuit simulation tool is presented. You can access it at the following address. Usage; Select an item from the toolbox and go to the right. Link the added items by drag action. Click on an input node to disconnect it. To delete the added item, drag the item to the toolbox. To edit the item’s name, you can access it on a label section. double click
Circuit Simulator 2It is a very comprehensive circuit simulator. User manual:
Bit Logic Operations CalculatorIt is a calculator that performs operations on a bit basis. This application is useful for learning the bitwise operations. And, or, xor, not, and scrolling operations are supported.